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Photo credit: Sean Smith

Iyana Esters is a visual storyteller from the United States. She received her B.S. in Community Health Sciences from the University of Nevada, Reno and her M.P.H. in Behavioral, Social, and Community Health from Indiana University.  

She combines art with her expertise in public health to empower Black and other marginalized communities, using photography as a lens to document the human connection and disconnect of nature and storytelling about gender, sexuality, and spirituality in Blackness.  An emerging photographer, Iyana works primarily in long-form photography and documentary.



Honors + Awards

2021 Fulbright U.S. Student Program, Semi-Finalist

2020 Jackson Wild Fellow

2020 Diversify Photo, Up Next Candidate


2022 Las Olas Del Mar, Metro City Gallery at Reno City Hall, Reno, NV


2022 Lilley Co-Lab, Lilley Art Museum at University of Nevada, Reno, NV

2021 From Tulsa to Minneapolis: Photographing The Long Road To Justice, Social Documentary Network, Boston, MA

2020 Every One Of Us, Philadelphia Photo Arts Center, Philadelphia, PA

2020 Open Studio Art Exhibition, Artemesia Studios, Reno, NV

2019 Wing Young Huie: What Do You See?, Landmark Center, St. Paul, MN

workshops + training

2022  Intensive Editing Workshop, Natalie Keyssar + Daniella Zalcman

2022 National Geographic Storytellers Summit

2021 National Geographic Storytellers Summit

2020 International Women Media Foundation, HEFAT Trainee


2022Masterpeace Studio: F☮cus - Iyana Esters

2021 Photo House South: Get To Know - Iyana Esters


2022 Revista ViveAfro: Las olas entre Nuquí y Reno, repasamos la obra de Iyana Esters​

2022 KOLO 8: Art exhibit of teen Colombian surfers at Reno City Hall gallery

2022 Revista ViveAfro: Sanar la pérdida en el terreno fértil de la hermandad​

Revista ViveAfro: Afritofusión de la cantautora Marsh Waris


2021 ZEKE Magazine: Contributors From Tulsa To Minneapolis Photographing the Long Road to Justice 


2019Memorable in motion: Our 10 favorite videos of 2019

2019Photographers work with noted St. Paul artist Wing Young Huie for exhibit at Landmark

2019Broadening the circle of competitive swimming

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